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James Covian Maximizes Your Chances of Business Acquisition Success

Without the help of a knowledgeable South Florida business broker, buying or selling a business can be overly complicated and almost always stressful. With superior expertise, guidance, and research, business broker James Covian will alleviate much of your stress and uncertainty while helping you achieve the successful business acquisition you envision.

Preparing Your South Florida Business Acquisition Strategy

Because you need the best from your broker, our acquisition services are all-inclusive. You’ll profit from an exhaustive research strategy which thoroughly examines business prospects using:

A knowledge of market trends
Company databases
Online electronic databases
Professional research services
M&A International & IBBA networks
Trade publications
Annual reports (when available), business credit reports, and legal background checks
Other intermediaries
Professional Negotiation Support

To ensure you’re getting the best business acquisition support, we don’t focus solely on businesses that are listed as for sale, we also focus on those businesses in South Florida that are not for sale.

Because approaching a business that is not for sale can be intimidating for many people, James and his team handle that for you. As industry leaders, we know that business owners are more inclined to react positively to a broker than to an individual himself.

James Covian professionally approach the targeted business owner and act as the middleman to negotiate in a way that benefits both you and the business owner. Because our negotiation strategy has worked for hundreds of others, inside and outside the South Florida business acquisition market, we know it will also work for you.

Expert Acquisition Guidance

We work with you to incorporate the basic transaction parameters into a Term Sheet, or Letter of Intent, which then provides the basis for contract preparation. You will be represented well, especially during negotiations. We serve as your transactional broker to find the middle ground and move the transaction forward to a closing.

The due diligence process is important to ensure that all agreements between the buyer and seller are clearly expressed in the Term Sheet, or Letter of Intent, and continue to be the road map right all the way to the completion of the acquisition.

Although James Covian is neither a lending institution, accountant, lawyer, nor environmental expert, we can recommend the best professionals in each of those fields. You don’t have to manage those resources alone either; James Covian will oversee and coordinate the participation of any additional resources to keep the process moving toward a successful transaction closing.

James Covian is a Specialists in Business Acquisition Support

As you know, managing a South Florida business acquisition without professional help often results in high stress, uncertainty, mistakes and can even lead to failure. At Sunbelt, we have the know-how to guide and assist you through the entire experience for a smooth acquisition process.

From the beginning to the end of the transaction, we listen closely to your needs and criteria, and act as the intermediary between you and your prospective business purchase.

With numerous years of experience, a deep understanding of industry knowledge and a passion to fulfill your needs, Sunbelt Business Brokers go above and beyond your expectations to achieve business acquisition success.

Learn more about how Sunbelt Business Brokers will help make your next business acquisition profitable and efficient.